Monday, July 28, 2008

My road to success :D

The other day, it occurred to me that I can make money online...duh. Anyways, so I searched the web for like a month before i started to find things on how to make money online.

At first I was looking into working at home or "telecommuting," but then I realized all i wanted to do was write. So I started looking into blogging. Which is why I am here.

I also started looking up surveys that are free and yet pay you to be a "survey taker" ha ha i thought that they were all scams...but I was wrong. There are a few out there that actually aren't scams and you do get paid. Haven't gotten paid yet as i am just starting out but i will keep you, my readers, updated. :)

Blogging: I have only started blogging on Blogspot, haven't tried anywhere else yet...just kinda want to get my feet wet before jumping in all the way:)

Surveys: Here are a couple of survey sites that I have tried so far, again, i will keep updating and posting more survey sites as i find and do them:)

Once again these are the survey sites that i signed up at and they actually have sent me surveys.

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