Friday, August 29, 2008

Colorful Treasures

I just absolutly love these glass bottles I won at my cousin's bridal shower:) They are so full of color and joy, plus they aren't bad for being free lol
They are among a few things that I have that are really cheery and bright. ...hmmm I should get more brightly colored objects...I like 'em:)


Lele.lumz! said...

These are beautiful! Don't you love getting prizes/gifts at showers that you really love? I agree that color can really make you feel good. I love color! I also love the stuff you have at your Zazzle store! I looked at everything the other day and you have some amazing designs. Quite talented! :)

Dracofly said...

yes color is fun! And thank you! I work hard at my store:)

charmaine said...

ooooh, i love the pink one! thanks for visiting my blog yours is lovely too. i also like your store.i added you also to my blog list. i'll visit soon.

God Bless,

Dracofly said...

thank you charmaine!