Friday, September 5, 2008

Money, the Great Mischief Maker.

Money, money, money. It seems now days we are all obsessed with it.
Yes, I agree you need money to survive now days, and money can be a good thing, but it can also be an annoying little mischief maker.

I personally think that yes you can depend on money, in fact we all do. What I don't think is wise, is to totally rely on it and make it your top priority. Make it your top priority, and you will be sure to see the mischief it makes.
For instance, I don't think that money should become a priority over family, friends, or feelings.
If it does, people will get hurt, and if it comes to an extreme, all you have left is money. And I'm sure money wont keep you good company, it wont always be there for you, it is an earthly possession and surely wont be with you after your gone, and you most certainly cant rely on money to make you eternally happy.

Just my thoughts for today and what I have just been

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