Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not Tired

For the past two weeks, I have basically been nocturnal. It all started when I drank a caffinated drink before i went to bed....yea bad idea. As a result of this daring yet stupid action, I have been (for the past two weeks), going to bed around 3-4am and waking up 3-4pm. Yea this sucks big time.

Anyways, this morning i randomly woke up at 8am! I am so happy because i really want to get back to a regular sleeping schedule before my husband gets home from Afghanistan!!! (only 17 days!).

I guess, in a way, this is one of my childhood dreams come true. I used to always wonder what it would be like to be nocturnal and, well, i guess i sorta found out haha:)


Tomas Karkalas said...

After viewing your blog, my heart became full of joy _ thank you for the magic of your colors. Your blog gladdens in all aspects. I rejoice for your husband who will knock at the door soon - I rejoice at your discovery of beauty of 8am ...I wish you the best.

Lele.lumz! said...

Hey dracofly!
I just love reading your blog! You are always making me laugh! I, too, have always wanted to see what it would be like to be nocturnal but after having kids and experiencing little tidbits of being up all night here and there....I decided I wasn't up for the challenge anymore! lol 2 weeks is a long time! I am happy to here that your hubby is on his way home soon! Great news! Keep us posted! :)

razz said...

yeah caffiene is a big no-no right before bedtime, and its tough trying to break out of that schedule, i should know, lol

YAY, your hubby is coming home!! Thats super =)

Dracofly said...

lele.lumz: glad to make you laugh, I love being able to make people happy:)
razz: haha yea no kidding!

16 days now and counting!! its been 4 months! thank goodness it wasnt a year like before!

John B. said...

Your blog seems to be a nice place to just drop by and read on whats going on in someone else's life. Best of luck!

Dracofly said...

thank you John B. and Tomas K.!