Wednesday, September 17, 2008 America:)

So I have been watching America's Got Talent since like maybe a month ago. Anyways its so much fun to watch! All the different acts and talents people have is really entertaining to watch!

Well, this week the top ten have preformed, and I have to say I love 5 of them so much. they are all good, but 5 of them have captured my heart lol

My fav/top 2 I would have to say are Queen Emily and Donald Braswell. When either of them sing i just get chills! They are really good and if you would like to watch some of their performances go to and watch them.

MY fav five are: Queen Emily, Donald Braswell, Jessica Price, Nuttin' But Stringz, and Eli Mattson.

Do you watch America's Got Talent? If so, who are your favs?

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