Tuesday, September 9, 2008


ok so I just got done watching Law and Order SVU (my fav of all time lol). This law and order was a special one though, the one with Robin Williams...anyways he plays this creepy, old, wierd, sick, demented, guy lol and I have to say....he makes the creepiest old guy ever....ok not EVER but close.....well in my mind anyways lol

So if you ever get the chance, watch the Law and Order SVU with Robin Williams in it. fun stuff.


Lele.lumz! said...

LOL! Love that episode of L&O, Dracofly! Man, he plays that part sooooo good! So good that it is creepy! Whooohoooo.....another L&O fan in the house! That's one show me & hubby both agree on.(usually he watches sports.....so I'm always happy when I'm sitting here online and I hear the L&O introduction and the da-ding sound coming from the tv......that's my que!!! :)

Dracofly said...

haha glad you seen it b4, then you know what im talking about!

glad to have a Law and Order friend ! lol