Thursday, September 25, 2008


My husband is finally home as of last night!! We will be visiting family and friends in the next couple of weeks so I wont have many posts for you right off...but i will certainly be on the look-out for funny/interesting stories to tell you my readers!

Love out~ :)


razz said...

Hey, so glad your hubby is home, have fun!

Oh and I wanted to let you know that goo*gle updated their page rank

and you have one too! More opps for you hopefully!


Dracofly said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I stumbled on your blog from someone else's. Wow, you could be my twin LOL! I have an Art degree, am a part time writer and just bought a sewing machine because I want to make my own revamped vintage clothes. Problem is I don't know how to sew...YET. Love the vintage flower post card!

Voyeur said...

Hey. Interesting to know some more about you. I can't imagine having that lifestyle where a partner is away for so long. My good friend's brother is an RAF pilot and is regularly in Afghanistan and his family doesn't hear from him for months at a time. So, all the best to you.

Dracofly said...

ncgirl3608- Thank you:) and good luck with the clothing! if you ever have any questions feel free to ask...i sew clothes all the time!

Voyeur- Thank you and I wish the best to your friend and his brother and hope he stays safe:)