Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to Make More Sales on Zazzle...

I have been trying to figure out how to make more sales on Zazzle. Now that this is my full time job, it means more to me than ever to make sales steady...but how?

I have been researching (since last night) and found a couple of things. Title, Tags, and Description are all VERY important. Without them, your items may get lost in all the confusion of millions of products.

1)Title is the most important. When people are looking for, say, a Postcard with a red rose on it, they most likely will type in "Red Rose Postcard". So make sure that your title describes exactly what your product is specifically.
2)Tags help a person who is searching for something specific to find it easily. When making a "Red Rose Postcard", don't just put "rose, postcard". Put more specifics into your tags such as "rose, postcard, post, card, red" and whatever else will specifically describe your postcard. Word of warning: do not put tags on your product that don't describe it such as "rose, postcard, post, airplanes, card, red", as this will not only deter the customer away, but it is also considered bad etiquette with the sellers and in the Zazzle marketplace itself.
3)Description is key. When someone sells you something online, they don't just say "hey look a postcard you want to buy it?", they advertise and describe it, "Look at this beautiful red rose postcard, it can be used for weddings, valentines day, and much more. Also if you want I can change the colors for you!" (or something to that extent).
Remember, you want to sell, so make it happen. Put some effort not only into your designs and products, but in letting the customer know what the product is all about and helping her/him find exactly what they need.

More research to come!!!

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