Friday, August 22, 2008

"The Holiday" Country Cottage

Ok, so recently I have been obsessed and i mean COMPLETLY obsessed with trying to figure out the look of Kate Winslet's Character's, Rosehill Cottage in "The Holiday." If you haven't seen this movie by Nancy Meyers, you may want to just for the knowledge of what im talking about haha jk but seriously its a good movie and i love it. Anyways, back to the look of the cottage, I WANT IT!

I found the site that has alot of the set pictures for The Holiday on it, in fact all the pictures of the cottage on here are from that site: . I have to say i prefer the cottage over the house in California.
Another blog i found talks about the look of the cottage and how to get it .


Meagan said...

I can't even tell you how frequently I look at this post. This my favourite house EVER in any movie or even in reality! I seriously want to build and decorate one to be exactly the same one day!

rmlrhonda said...

I love the movie and the cottage, too. I have been looking for pictures, to try to figure out what is so appealing about it and how I can capture some of it for my own space. Thanks for this post!

Wiel said...

I hve made a birdy house from the Rosehill Cottage, I can send you a picture.


Dracofly said...

Wiel-I would love to see it!

lakeland cottages said...

What a fantastic relaxing time you had surrounded by garden and look at all thoughts buttons in that place wow!!
Thanks for sharing your great photos with us cottage.
I've just tagged you - pop over to my Cottage Holiday for the rules.

Anonymous said...

I Adore your site, thank you so much...i too am completely obsessed with this cottage but very sad its not real! Emily x

Cottages said...

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Nikks Goerge said...

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