Saturday, December 20, 2008

December Fads

Hey all! i know its been a while, but i thought that i would let you all know whats going on in my life lately.
1)my husband and i are officially out of the military...and on to finding new jobs ...yay for frustration! lol
2) living at ones inlaws seems to be the fad these days , so here we are....
3) been working on my zazzle store...:)

wish us luck with our future!

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why, yes dear, it is snowing:)

You can probably barely see it but yes the first snow of the year has come to where I live! I am so so happy! I'll prob get sick of it halfway through the winter but I have always loved the first!
And here is Draco he loves the snow:):) as you can see the snow isnt sticking very well lol he doesnt look very happy in the pic but trust me he was running around all happy it was snowing:)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Working on my Store

As many of you know I have a store at Lately I have been working on it and have added a few more new items. Feel free to take a look!*

Lavendar Postcard postcard
Lavendar Postcard by indolilly

Lavendar Postage stamp
Lavendar Postage by indolilly

Red Flower Postage stamp
Red Flower Postage by indolilly

Red Flower Greeting Card card
Red Flower Greeting Card by indolilly

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dont Want to go to the Gym?

I totally found the coolest site the other day! Its called Workout Routines for Women (although men and children can do the exercises also) and she also has a YouTube Channel.

The girl who puts all the exercises together is awsome! I do her workouts and it deffinitly saves gas money to the gym AND saves money on a gym membership in the first place lol
She also has diet tips if your wanting to go on one....I personally only do the exercises:)

I have been doing her exercises for almost 2 months (wont lie-off and on). But they work so well and each one is such a great workout!

Good Food

Why is it that when something tastes so good I just cannot stop eating it?

No kidding, today I ate about a quarter of a oven roasted was SO good!lol

I just can't help myself is good.:) Now, im off to exercise it all off haha...

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Baaack!

These last two weeks have been really fun! just hanging out with friends and family in my good ol hometown:) More posts to follow soon, but for now here are a few people we met in the mall (who just happen to all be wearing the same shirt and claim to be my husband lol) and our puppy dressed up in a shirt lol

Thursday, September 25, 2008


My husband is finally home as of last night!! We will be visiting family and friends in the next couple of weeks so I wont have many posts for you right off...but i will certainly be on the look-out for funny/interesting stories to tell you my readers!

Love out~ :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Military Style

I am new to the military in the fact that I got married into it a little more than a year ago.

Trust me...the embarrassing part of the story is coming...

First let me say this; I have never known till tonight what the protocol for anyone is when the national anthem is played randomly on a military base (or at least never thought about it or that it was so mandatory).

Well, common sense right? you stand up with your hand over your heart facing a flag or the direction of the loudspeaker...

now to the embarrassing part...

I was outside watering my lawn...just sitting on our front porch, listening to my MP4 Player (basically an ipod). Anyways, so there i was, listening to music, watering my lawn, staring blankly at the lawn that wouldn't grow. I looked up randomly and saw our neighbors who i do not know, across the street, with their hands over their heart. Even the little kids.

Now, one might imagine that i would immediately stand up, place my hand over my heart, and face a flag or the direction of the such luck.

Since i was listening to my music, i couldn't hear anything else...

I sat there looking over at my neighbors thinking "what the heck are they doing? practicing for a play or something?" In my head i was laughing at this absurd idea when it hit me, OH CRAP! I pulled my ear buds out and realized i had just sat through the whole national anthem...

I wondered why the neighbors' kids had looked at me weird..."shes a bad lady" I can just hear them say.

I felt my whole face turn bright red and hot....

at this point in the story, i turned off the water, walked inside, shut the door, and felt the weight of embarrassment...

Then my husband called and explained to me that it was all kinda mandatory to do the common sense "DUH" thing.

Well, one more thing more embarrassment over...and one more story for you all.

Please laugh at me...i now find this story rather funny myself:) lol

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So, I leave you with my backyard...

I'm tired, have a headache, and have watched way too much "Office"... :D I'm off to finish watching some more "Pushing Daisies" as i speak:) Good night world...till tomorrow:)

PS: I just bought a halter for my dog...maybe that will make him easier to walk ha ha


Brought tears to my eyes literally when i first saw it...Jessica Price is really good!

And Eli the piano playing...amazing!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 America:)

So I have been watching America's Got Talent since like maybe a month ago. Anyways its so much fun to watch! All the different acts and talents people have is really entertaining to watch!

Well, this week the top ten have preformed, and I have to say I love 5 of them so much. they are all good, but 5 of them have captured my heart lol

My fav/top 2 I would have to say are Queen Emily and Donald Braswell. When either of them sing i just get chills! They are really good and if you would like to watch some of their performances go to and watch them.

MY fav five are: Queen Emily, Donald Braswell, Jessica Price, Nuttin' But Stringz, and Eli Mattson.

Do you watch America's Got Talent? If so, who are your favs?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Watering the Lawn

I was watering my lawn tonight and just realized how much I like the streetlights. I love the way they shine down on the wet grass and concrete. Making the little drops of water glisten and I love the reflection of the streetlight on the wet concrete.


Fall (which is my fav season) is coming soon, guess I'll enjoy the watered grass while i can:)

Live GPS Tracking System

So you know how in the movies when a car gets stolen they can see where it is because they put a tracking device in or on it? Well now you can have your own portable GPS tracker! Track employees to make sure they are taking the correct routes, or track your teen or elderly loved one to make sure they are safe. If you are looking into GPS Tracking products, then this product may be the one for you!

I love Etsy

I love browsing cause you can find so much wonderful handmade stuff! Just thought i would show off these earrings...pretty cute if you ask me! I might just have to get them....:)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Amazing Hoagie Rolls

Ok, so the other day I really wanted some hoagie rolls but didnt want to go to the store. Well, I use all the time for recipies because they actually have comments and ratings on the recipies. So, I tried these hoagie rolls I found on Recipezaar and omg EVERYONE loves them! They are so easy to make and taste so good! Anyways, I just wanted to share this recipie with everyone cause I know i will be making them alot once my husband is home (hes on his way!)

Hope you all enjoy!!
P.S. My mother in law gave me those flowers:)

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hubby called at 4am to tell me that they had just left Afghanistan!!! I wasnt expecting him to leave till the 22nd but I guess it was a last minute thing! Im so so excited. In other news, mi madre is up here for the weekend! We went to this Spiritual Hunger conference...pretty fun stuff:)

And as of right now my puppy Draco is glaring at me to get off the computer and play with him lol so off I go!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


ok so I just got done watching Law and Order SVU (my fav of all time lol). This law and order was a special one though, the one with Robin Williams...anyways he plays this creepy, old, wierd, sick, demented, guy lol and I have to say....he makes the creepiest old guy ever....ok not EVER but close.....well in my mind anyways lol

So if you ever get the chance, watch the Law and Order SVU with Robin Williams in it. fun stuff.

Lap Band

Are you looking for a way to lose weight and yet not have to go through weightloss surgery to remove pieces of you? Well, lap band surgery also known as Bariatric Surgery might just be the thing for you! Basically what happens is, through surgery, a band is placed around your stomach which will then aid in weight loss. There are surgery centers for the Lap Band in Cincinnati, Houston, Tampa, and LA. Visit lap band doctor for more information on the lap-band surgery.

Monday, September 8, 2008


So I just found out that my husband leaves to come home from Afghanistan on the 18th instead of the 20th! OMG its next week!!!! I am so stoked! He's been gone for four months and let me tell you, that is a LONG time lol (ok well not as long as the last time...he was gone for a year then..)

AH so happy:)

Blog Awards!

Thank you to Razz who passed this award along to me! And to all I have chosen, you deserve it!

Here are the instructions for the following Brillante Weblog Premio award recipients:
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2. Link to the person who awarded you.
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4. You can then add their links to your blog
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Here are 5 awesome blogs that I've chosen:

Friday, September 5, 2008

Money, the Great Mischief Maker.

Money, money, money. It seems now days we are all obsessed with it.
Yes, I agree you need money to survive now days, and money can be a good thing, but it can also be an annoying little mischief maker.

I personally think that yes you can depend on money, in fact we all do. What I don't think is wise, is to totally rely on it and make it your top priority. Make it your top priority, and you will be sure to see the mischief it makes.
For instance, I don't think that money should become a priority over family, friends, or feelings.
If it does, people will get hurt, and if it comes to an extreme, all you have left is money. And I'm sure money wont keep you good company, it wont always be there for you, it is an earthly possession and surely wont be with you after your gone, and you most certainly cant rely on money to make you eternally happy.

Just my thoughts for today and what I have just been

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cute Little Pepper

Isn't this the cutest little Dr.Pepper ever?! And thats next to a regular size strawberry! lol I went shopping today and came across them and just had to get a six-pack! I'm know they have been around forever, but today I just really really noticed them:)
And yes I bought strawberries too haha ...didn't consume them together though, but I might just try that someday now that I have thought of it haha

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not Tired

For the past two weeks, I have basically been nocturnal. It all started when I drank a caffinated drink before i went to bed....yea bad idea. As a result of this daring yet stupid action, I have been (for the past two weeks), going to bed around 3-4am and waking up 3-4pm. Yea this sucks big time.

Anyways, this morning i randomly woke up at 8am! I am so happy because i really want to get back to a regular sleeping schedule before my husband gets home from Afghanistan!!! (only 17 days!).

I guess, in a way, this is one of my childhood dreams come true. I used to always wonder what it would be like to be nocturnal and, well, i guess i sorta found out haha:)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Funny Pictures

HAHA ok I have way too much time on my hands lol. I just went to GnomeYourself and YearbookYourself and had way too much fun I thought that I would share these links with y'all cause they are just too fun!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Autumn and Winter Heat Pack

Winter is coming on quick and sometimes its nice to have something warm. Whether its for sore muscles or just for comfort, heatpacks can be very nice to have:) This heatpack that I made, is lightweight and has a removable sleeve so I can wash it if I want to.

The fabric I used for my heatpack is cotton(both the sleeve and heatpack). You dont want to use anything that could melt or spark in your microwave while heating it.

Here is a picture of the heatpack outside of the sleeve. I basically measured out how big I wanted my heatpack, then I measured an inch larger(1/2 inch on all sides) for the sleeve.

Heatpack dimensions: 17" x 6 and 1/2" (unfinished with seam allowances included).

16" x 6" (finished)

Sleeve dimensions: 19" x 7 and 1/2" (unfinshed with seam allowances included).

18" x 7" (finished)

The Sleeve (as you can probably tell) has one end that I turned under so that it would not fray. (The prospect of random threads from the material didnt sound too good haha).

This is a grid of how I did my heatpack. All the black lines are where I sewed between the rice(filler) so that it was lightweight and the rice didnt move all around. The dark red is where I folded the material under and finished it off.

I used Brown Rice as the filler and it works really well, there are many other fillers out there you can use, but i like the smell of rice and it holds the heat really well. If you choose to use rice as your filler in a heatpack DO NOT use white or minute rice as it will possibly start a fire in your microwave....not fun times lol

For more info on heatpacks (where i got all my info haha) please go to: Rice Heat Pack
If you have any questions for me on this post, just let me know and I will try to answer it!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Colorful Treasures

I just absolutly love these glass bottles I won at my cousin's bridal shower:) They are so full of color and joy, plus they aren't bad for being free lol
They are among a few things that I have that are really cheery and bright. ...hmmm I should get more brightly colored objects...I like 'em:)

Smelling Sweet

I love the smell of brings back memories of my first "own" bedroom when I turned 13 (I have 4 bros and sisters). My Grandmother gave me some lavender to make my room "smell good" :) ahh beautiful lavender:)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Black Friday Holiday Shopping

Do you ever want to know about the best sales ever, before anyone else knows about them? Well now you can!
I am already saving for the holidays in the hopes that I can give good gifts (and get them lol). One of the ways I get good gifts is Black Friday, yes the day after Thanksgiving. Last year, my husband got a REALLY great deal on our 42” LCD HDTV at Best Buy, so I know for a fact that Black Friday is the best time of the year to get awesome deals!

I just found out about this site called Black Friday Scans that gives you a whole list (in pdf and zip files) of stores and their great deals for Black Friday! What is so awesome about them is that they list the deals before they even get to you in the newspaper, which is really cool because then you can plan ahead on what you want to buy and have a whole list ready for Black Friday shopping!
They list stores such as Best Buy, Circuit City, Kmart, Kohls, J.C. Penny, Old Navy, JoAnn Fabrics, Sears, Walmart, and my favorite, Target. Plus many, many more stores.
What is also so great about this site is that they offer email alerts so you know when ads have been posted. This site could be very useful in your holiday shopping!

I think they are just great because knowing about awesome deals in advance is the best ever! I am planning on using them because my husband and I love great deals and since we will now know about them in advance I’m sure everyone will get awesome presents this year…not to mention more clothes for me lol!
So whether you just want good deals for yourself or you are shopping for Christmas items, Black Friday Scans is definitely the way to go! Click here to see Black Friday Scans

"The Holiday" Country Cottage take 2

Searching for findings...

Right here is a close up of the candle lanterns in Iris' living room. I looked Everywhere for them and found some, after about 5 hours of searching! They are Verdigris Iron Lanterns and are beautiful!

HERE THEY ARE!!! At, Iron Lamps by Tracy Porter, also, because sometimes items are out of stock, if the lanterns arent there, just let me know and i have plenty more links as to where you can find these lanterns!

(cottage photographs property of

More findings and updates to follow!

Friday, August 22, 2008

"The Holiday" Country Cottage

Ok, so recently I have been obsessed and i mean COMPLETLY obsessed with trying to figure out the look of Kate Winslet's Character's, Rosehill Cottage in "The Holiday." If you haven't seen this movie by Nancy Meyers, you may want to just for the knowledge of what im talking about haha jk but seriously its a good movie and i love it. Anyways, back to the look of the cottage, I WANT IT!

I found the site that has alot of the set pictures for The Holiday on it, in fact all the pictures of the cottage on here are from that site: . I have to say i prefer the cottage over the house in California.
Another blog i found talks about the look of the cottage and how to get it .

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My puppy Draco

OK everyone! I just wanted to let you in to my life a little bit and get to know more about me:) yay! lol

Well, I would like you all to meet my Belgian Shepherd Dog, Draco.

Draco is a little over a year old and is as spunky and full of energy as ever!

He is a, long haired little doggy, and we love him to death!

As of now, he has learned to sit, stay, go to his crate, go to bed, go away, hi-five:), stand(he is REALLY tall lol), shake hands, lay down, and roll over.

I am currently refining those commands with him as well as teaching him some other tricks.

Here are a couple of pictures of him:) Enjoy!

Smiley Draco
Draco and his buddy Scruffy(in-laws' dog), wanting to go upstairs lol

Draco layin around lol yes those are my white legs haha

And yes, he is my inspiration for my blog name:)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Online Photo Editor...

Have you ever wanted to take two or more pictures and put them together?

Or have you ever wanted to do editing/drawing on your computer but dont have the money for the software? (yep thats me...miss computer lover with no money).

WELL, have i got some news for you! There is a site that i found the other day called Pilxr...Its the BEST! OMG I am so glad for it! I just used it to re-do my Zazzle store banner and I couldnt have done it without Pilxr:) Here is the site:

Also, alot of good editing tools are available at and -(you have to sign up for those sites to use the tools, but they are free:) )

Alot of times I use two of the editing sites listed here to finish a project. For example, I would upload a picture to and edit it then save it to my computer and finish editing it on or vice versa.

I hope you find this post useful as I know the info on here helped me alot when I found it all out!

Breathing Thoughts...

I was wondering the other day...why when I breath, does my stomach move out also? Its not like my lungs are down there SO I went to do some research and here is what I came up with:

"Some people say proper deep breathing "fills the tummy with air." Of course, really it's your lungs that are filling and it’s your diaphragm pushing all your body parts down and out! That's the proper way to breathe and your body knows it instinctively! (That's a good thing, huh?)"
(By: Lisa B. Marshall at

I had never known this before! I always thought I was wierd...guess Im not wierd afterall lol
Ya learn something new everyday!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Wierdest Things

LOL ok so i was watching a movie on my computer this morning when something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention...

I have no idea why it was so funny to me but this little guy made me laugh so hard. :)

He was just walking along minding his own business and all but he looked so cute, I had to take his picture:)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Music of the Movies

Do you ever just start to daydream while watching a movie and start to think of something totally off track?

Yesterday, I was watching Benny and Joon, which is a really good movie by the way:), and at a certain point in the movie i started to daydream. I was still watching the movie, and don't get me wrong, the movie is not one bit boring in my opinion, but there i was.

What got me thinking was the music. I mean, the type of instrumental music that no one would listen to on a daily basis...the kind that is happy yet will only be played in a, no one would seriously be walking down the road and all of a sudden out of no where this song starts playing...see what i mean? It just doesn't seem likely. If you watch the first part of this clip of the movie, you will see what i am saying..(from about :30-:45)

anyways, i don't know why this intrigued me but, what the hey:)

also watched Chocolat (ok ok I'm on a Johnny Depp splurge with all the movies hes been in lol)
anyways Chocolat was a VERY good movie also:) I would give it a 9/10, so if you haven't seen that yet you should.
Benny and Joon was more on the comedic side where as Chocolat was more drama/romance/just very good all round.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Inside the Box

So, a couple of days ago i got a bunch of flowers from my sister-in-law and mother-in-law, and they were so pretty that i never wanted them to being the artist/person who likes to use something to its full advantage and not waste anything, I decided to contribute my flowers to my Zazzle store** .

So, I went out taking pictures of different flowers out of the bunch of them and came up with some amazing pictures (one of them is pictured above). So far as of today i only have one picture up in my store(on different products of course), but am planning on posting some more up later:) This particular picture ^ makes me feel like im back in my moms highschool yearbook of '75 :) I always wanted to venture back into time:D I guess this is one way for me to do it!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


OK, to put it bluntly, I miss Christmas. There, I said it.
I have been listening to Brenda Lee singing her amazing Christmas songs, and thinking on all the old Christmas movies ALL DAY LONG! Oh how i miss it. Memories are good things:)

Do you ever, in the middle of summer, miss Christmas?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Indolilly's Designs at Zazzle

Hey y'all! I have been busy with my Zazzle store so I thought I would show off some of my products:) If you would like to visit my store, please visit:*

I have lots and lots of products so feel free to look around!!

I would also like to say that all of my designs and photographs were taken/made by me and are copyrighted.

There are many different types of products as well as designs. My Shop offers: Keds Shoes, T-Shirts, Profile Cards, Posters, Greeting Cards, Postage, Mugs, Mousepads, Postcards, Stickers, Magnets, Hats, Bags, Buttons, Ties, Keychains, Aprons, and Calendars!