Monday, September 1, 2008

Autumn and Winter Heat Pack

Winter is coming on quick and sometimes its nice to have something warm. Whether its for sore muscles or just for comfort, heatpacks can be very nice to have:) This heatpack that I made, is lightweight and has a removable sleeve so I can wash it if I want to.

The fabric I used for my heatpack is cotton(both the sleeve and heatpack). You dont want to use anything that could melt or spark in your microwave while heating it.

Here is a picture of the heatpack outside of the sleeve. I basically measured out how big I wanted my heatpack, then I measured an inch larger(1/2 inch on all sides) for the sleeve.

Heatpack dimensions: 17" x 6 and 1/2" (unfinished with seam allowances included).

16" x 6" (finished)

Sleeve dimensions: 19" x 7 and 1/2" (unfinshed with seam allowances included).

18" x 7" (finished)

The Sleeve (as you can probably tell) has one end that I turned under so that it would not fray. (The prospect of random threads from the material didnt sound too good haha).

This is a grid of how I did my heatpack. All the black lines are where I sewed between the rice(filler) so that it was lightweight and the rice didnt move all around. The dark red is where I folded the material under and finished it off.

I used Brown Rice as the filler and it works really well, there are many other fillers out there you can use, but i like the smell of rice and it holds the heat really well. If you choose to use rice as your filler in a heatpack DO NOT use white or minute rice as it will possibly start a fire in your microwave....not fun times lol

For more info on heatpacks (where i got all my info haha) please go to: Rice Heat Pack
If you have any questions for me on this post, just let me know and I will try to answer it!

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