Friday, May 10, 2013

Live Life!

As a child who grew up in the times that home computers were new and used by myself once a year primarily for “Paintshop Pro”, and phones only showed the numbers going out and coming in, I can say that I miss those times very much. I was free.

As a teenager, I used the computer only for an hour a day (the house rule) to email, use msn messenger, scan pictures of my crush Elijah Wood (I seriously still don’t know why, so don’t ask), and illegally download music and burn it onto cd’s…I know, I know…evil. “What about phones?”, you ask. Well, cell phones were just coming out as the cool thing to have in high school, and I didn’t have one or have the need for one. The home phone on the other hand was used constantly…and I knew everyone’s phone number by heart. I don’t anymore. I was still free, but less so.

As an adult, the computer has been used by me…a lot…

Running my store(s), checking FB, email, Craigslist, Pinterest, spying….

Let’s just say that I use it a lot, BUT, I am not consumed by it and I feel it is an essential tool in my creativity.

My phone, on the other hand, consumed me…checking it every 5 mins for updates on fb, playing mindless games, checking for texts, and missed calls. That is until about a month ago, the screen went black…I could only receive calls and make calls out to the last person who called me (only through a guessing game of where the buttons were). Since then, I have gotten so much done, so many projects completed, and found that my childhood love of completing crafts came back…full forceJ I’m feeling free again.

Just the other day, I witnessed some people so caught up in their phones, they barely communicated with one another (ok, I witness this all the time, but this time it was very apparent). I thought, what would they be like without their phones? What would we talk about? Would there be more laughter in the air?

As of May 22nd, I am due for an upgrade on my phone. Will I get a touch screen that can use the internet? Most likely not. I want a phone that has texting and calling. That’s. It. Period. I want to live!