Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ice Dyeing

Ok, I'm going to get straight to the point, because I am sick and don't feel up to going into deep details, on how to Ice Dye!
Things you will need: 100% Cotton material, Washing soda, Rubber gloves, One bucket for soaking and one bucket with a lid for dyeing, a cookie cooling rack, 4 empty glass bottles (mine were root beer bottles), Vinegar, and Dye of your choice (preferably powdered).
Step 1. Mix 16 cups HOT water and 1 cup washing soda in a bucket and soak your material for 20 mins. 
 Step 2. While you are soaking your fabric, get your other bucket ready. I used a 29qt lidded one from Target (makes my life easier because then I don't have to find plastic each time I dye, to cover it).

(my 4 empty bottles) 
 Set up your bucket like this with the cooling rack sitting on top of your bottles so that there is room for it to drip and not soak. Note: the color at the bottom is just from a previous dye job:)
 After the fabric is done soaking, put on your rubber gloves and squeeze out excess water and crumple the way you want on the cooling rack.
 Top with crushed ice (lots).
 Add your dye, with a spoon, wherever you want. I tried the liquid dye and don't recommend it as the point is to let the dye gradually melt into the fabric. I used 5 different colors.
Make sure to wear some type of face mask so you don't breathe it in! (little one was at top of steps, so he didn't need a mask). :)
 Put lid on and cover for 24+ hours...I forgot about mine and let it sit for 36hrs:)
1. Rinse in running cold water until water runs clear.
2. Put in rinse cycle with detergent and hot water.
3. Put on regular cycle with vinegar to hold the color.


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