Monday, September 5, 2011

DIY Upcycle a Pillow and make a Cover for it!

I got new pillows for my bed, yet I didn't have the heart to throw out good, old pillows...
This is a simple and easy tutorial to upcycle a pillow into new glory.
PS its the one with lace on the end of it on the left:)

Step one get a pillow.
 Step two-cut an opening in the side of the pillow.
 Step 3- cut your pillow in half and put one half back in the pillow case.
 Step 4- sew your pillow case shut, next to the pillow (ps this is harder than it looks but is possible!).
 Step 5- cut some fabric-
  • Cut 1 of 13.5" x17"-Linen
  • Cut 2 of 9.25" x17"-Linen
  • Cut 2 of 2" x17"    --Lace AND Linen (1 of each)
  • Cut 4 of 2" x9.25" --Lace AND Linen (2 of each)
 Step 6- take your linen and lace 2 inch widths and put them together.
 Step 7- Sew your lace and linen strips to each of your 3 linen pieces.
 Step 8- Iron the seams flat towards the linen and lace 2 inch sides.
 Step 9- Along the tops of your pieces (excluding the front piece), you will (1) fold over and press a quarter inch, (2) fold over and press another quarter inch, and (3) top stitch along the fold to make a finished edge.
 Step 10- Put all your pieces together, right sides facing each other, and sew a quarter inch all around.
 Step 11- your finished product should look like this:
 Step 12- turn inside out and put your half of a pillow, pillow, into your cover. and tada! your finished!

I used this tutorial over at Cottage Magpie to help me along. :)

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