Saturday, September 3, 2011

DIY: How To Make A Fabric Pumpkin

After seeing all the beautiful fabric pumpkins on, I decided that it was about time I made my own:) (I made 2 others before this, so I had practice by the time I made this). The day started out fine, I found a roll of fabric in the back of Value Village for $0.99...great price for this pumpkin if you ask me!

The stem and leaves were made of an old wool scarf that my brother used to own....

 I then cut the roll of fabric into 15" strips. The final fabric piece that you will be working with will be equal in width and length when folded in half-for instance this will be 15"x15."
 Then I sewed all the pieces together length-wise and made sure that the dimensions were correct and cut off any stray pieces to make the final piece even all 'round.
 I then sewed the two ends together so that all the long sides of the fabric were sewn together forming almost a cylinder.
 After the fabric was all sewn together, I toon some twine (you can use any rope or yarn you want, just make sure that it will hold when pulled tight) and a big needle (you will be pricked...).
 Once the twine is threaded into the needle, make a quick stitch through one of the ends of the fabric.
 Then, pull as tight as you can and tie in a double knot.
 Once you have done that, flip it inside out and stuff! Make sure that you stuff till you can't stuff anymore, then add some on top. You don't want a sad looking, deflated
 Then take some more twine and stitch through the top of the pumpkin.
 Once again, pull as tight as you can and knot it. It will look like this:
 Tie another LONG piece of twine onto the previous string (make sure it will stay when pulled tight). DO NOT CUT EITHER STRING OFF! (this will be important later).
 Then, take your threaded needle with the long string, and pull it through the OTHER end so it goes around the pumpkin.
 Pull the string up through the top and pull hard, you want the definition of a pumpkin.
 Continue to go around the pumpkin with the string in this manner, and remember to pull tight. Once you get to the end and you have gone around the pumpkin with the string as many times as you want to, tie the string to the first string you had there, into a knot.
 Then sew on your stem and leaves with the remaining twine. You can make them out of any material you like. Here I am cutting the leaves.
 TA-DA! My $0.99 pumpkin is complete! 

The tutorial that I used to help me along, was from Thompson Family Blog. She gives GREAT instructions and pictures:)

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